The Best Hainiu Jiasuqi Android App for China 2024

For Android 12, 11, 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow & Lollipop

Hainiu Jiasuqi Android App, Take back your internet with a risk-free App for Android and Android TV.

  • Secure APK for Android 12, Android 11, Android 10, Android 9, Android 8, Android 7, Android 6, and Android 5
  • Browse, text, and share photos privately and securely
  • Best-in-class mobile service and support


If you are currently experiencing problems with your app, please redownload the app!
Hainiu android app

Android App

Download our Hainiu Jiasuqi Android app APK

Download our Hainiu Jiasuqi Android app APK

You can also download Hainiu Jiasuqi’s Android app as an APK. Stay safe and secure with a risk-free subscription. You will need to enable APK installs on your Android device.

From there, you can install and use Hainiu Jiasuqi as normal.

How to setup our Hainiu Jiasuqi Android app

How to setup our Hainiu Jiasuqi Android app

Securing your internet is hassle-free with the best App for Android phones and tablets in 2022. It takes just few minutes to get set up.

  1. Choose a plan on the plan page.
  2. Download and install the Hainiu Jiasuqi app for Android on your Android phones and tablets.
  3. Connect to any of our server locations.
  4. Use the internet the way you want to use it!

If you need help, the Hainiu Jiasuqi Support Team is available via live chat and email.

Download Hainiu Jiasuqi for all Android devices

Download our Hainiu Jiasuqi App for all Android devices

Hainiu Jiasuqi works with all Android smartphones and tablets.


Samsung GalaxyNokiaHuaweiSony XperiaLG, MotorolaBlackBerryHTC ... or any other Android phone


SamsungHTCNokiaSony XperiaLGNvidia Shield … or any other Android tablet

Need the same great functionality on your laptop or desktop? Get a App for Mac or Windows and use both simultaneously.

Frequently asked questions about Hainiu Jiasuqi Android

Yes. You can connect multiple devices using one account. The # of devices is depended on the plan you purchased. These are the details:

  • Doesn't matter which platform you signed up the account from, e.g. you signed up from android app, you can use the same account to login to iOS, macOS, or Windows app.
  • Depends on the plan you bought, each plan supports different # of devices. One account can support unlimited devices in theory.
  • If the # of connected devices is over limit, you will be prompted to unbind the other devices upon sign in.
  • Each device can only register up to two accounts, regardless it is a computer or a phone.

Yes. You can use Hainiu Jiasuqi for free forever as long as you perform "Daily Check-in". Everyday you can have 1 hour free time. You can also refer a friend. You get 1 point for each successful referral, which can be redeemed for a 1-day pass. These are the details:

  • Hainiu Jiasuqi promises to provide daily check-in free feature forever.
  • New user gets 2 hours free time; you can get 1 hour free time the following day by checking in.
  • There is no data limited on the free time, but you can only use the servers from free locations.
  • You can earn points using our referral program, which can use to redeem plans.

Yes, we do! We offer 1-2 hours free trial time everyday. To start your free trial, please follow the steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register an account
  3. Click on "Daily Check-In" button on home page

Note: the free trial is limited time offer, it might be ended anytime without notice.

Hainiu Jiasuqi is first and foremost a privacy company and therefore stores no activity logs and no connection logs. Hainiu Jiasuqi also never stores any data that would allow anyone to trace a specific network activity or behavior back to an individual user.

You can always contact us through the following ways:


You can always contact us through the following ways:


The web version of the apps are using HTTPS, which is supported by split mode. The split mode can only change the routing mode for HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443). That is why you can access the web version.

For the app version, they might have used any ports. Hence you will need to do one of these steps:

  • Use "Global Mode" in routing settings
  • Change the proxy settings of the app, below is an example of changing proxy settings for LINE:

    Line app zh-hans settings


  • While you try to login on a new device, if the device limit has been reached, you will get redirected to the "Unbind Device" page, from there you can unbind the devices
  • Or, you can go to "Menu" -> "App Settings" -> "Device List", click on the device to unbind it.

We understand that sometimes we forget our passwords or even usernames. That is why we make it easy for you. Here is what you can do:

  • Forgot username: contact us and provide the payment record screenshot to us. 
  • Forgot password: You can click on forgot password in the app.

We have found that, some users don't know which server to use after deciding which region to use.

To make it easier for you, we decide to show region only. Hainiu Jiasuqi will automatically select the best performance server within your selected region for you. These are the details:

  • Location list only shows the regions. Under the hood, there are hundreds of servers within each region. Upon selecting a region, Hainiu Jiasuqi will connect you with the best performance server according to your network condition.
  • If you don't like the connected server, you can always disconnect and re-connect to the same region, you will be connected to a different server.
  • You can repeat above step until you are satisfied.

There are several common reasons:

  • Slow local internet (without App on)
  • Certain App server location has busy traffic

To troubleshoot the network issues, please follow the steps:

  • Check your local network speed by disconnect the App;
  • While keeping App disconnected, switch between WIFI, 4G, 5G to find the troubleshoot your network. E.g. if your wifi has poor connectivity, switch to your cellular 4G/5G.
  • Disconnect App, switch to another region, and connect;
  • If you like to stay in the same region, try disconnect and reconnect to the same region. Even you are selecting the same region, there are actually hundreds of servers behind a single region. Every time you connect, we will relocate a different server for you.
  • You can repeat above steps until you find the best server for you.

Global Mode: Access everything with Hainiu Jiasuqi App. This might slow down some local websites & apps traffic.

Split Mode: Only use Heiabo App when accessing common GEO blocked (China firewall blocked) websites. When accessing Chinese websites, use local network without Hainiu Jiasuqi App.

You can change the routing mode under App Settings.

If you found certain websites or apps can't be accessed, please change your routing mode settings to "Global Mode".

Contact us if you have any other questions.

You can earn points by referring a friend, and then use points to redeem plans. These are the details:

  • To get the "Referral Code" or "Referral Link", go to "Share & Gift", click on "Share Now". Then you can share it to your friends, publish it to your blog or social media websites.
  • Upon a success referral, you will earn 1 point; Each point can redeem for a 1-day pass.
  • After redemption, you can view your plans under "My Account".
  • A successful referral requires: the referee downloads and uses the app. If your referee has downloaded the app but hasn't started using the app, your referral point will not be added into your account until the referee uses the app.

There might be a few minutes delay on payment gateway. It happens sometimes. These are the details:

  • We currently support: Alipay, Wechat QRCode Scanning Payment, Union Pay.
  • If the payment was successfully made, but the plan is not showing under "My Account", please wait for 5 minutes, logout and login again.
  • After above actions, if the problem persists, take a screenshot of the payment record and contact us.

Using a Hainiu Jiasuqi App on your Android will ensure that everything you do is secure. By connecting to any of our huge network of server locations, you can replace your device‘s IP address with a different one, protect your data on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and access censored sites and services.

A Hainiu Jiasuqi network, or virtual private network, adds a layer of security between your Android and the internet. In addition to encrypting your online activity and protecting your personal information from third-party interception, Hainiu Jiasuqi can also help you defeat censorship by making you appear to be in a different country.

Customers love our app for Hainiu Jiasuqi Android

Hainiu Jiasuqi user XiQing loves android app

The customer support team is super friendly and knowledgeable. I had a really rare use-case with Hainiu Jiasuqi on my Android phone. I asked the question and they solved my issue within a minute. Can't be happier with Hainiu Jiasuqi's support team.


Hainiu Jiasuqi user Kiki loves andorid app

I like Hainiu Jiasuqi as it is extremely easy to install and use. The main difference between Hainiu Jiasuqi and others is that, Hainiu Jiasuqi not only works well with my Android phone, but when there were issues, the customer support I got was outstanding.